From contract till payment in no time

Paymate is a digital portal for companies that wish to enroll their temporary workers themselves when they want to, within or outside the normal office hours.

Give prompt access to your HR staff to the platform, manage your contracts and settle your administration. You keep the overview of your invoices in a clear dashboard. Do you still need any help? Consult our practical FAQ or get personal advice from an expert via the helpline service.

Get started with Paymate

The 6 unique advantages of Paymate

Add extra users.

As a super user, you easily register your team members to work for you with Paymate, such as your accountant or a HR assistant. You determine yourself the roles that the users may fulfill.

Draw up contracts.

You do not need any intermediary anymore to draw up the contracts of your temporary workers. You do this yourself hassle-free. In no time, your staff will be legally in order to get started.

Always keep an overview.

The very clear e-dashboard in your Paymate app offers an overall picture of your contracts and co-workers. Thanks to the colour codes, you see the holes in your schedule at a glance, as well as who still needs to be paid.

Pay in 1 click.

In Paymate, your billing and payments are done smoothly. All your invoices are on 1 place and are paid in 1 click. Thanks to the flexible text fields, you determine yourself which references will be put on your invoice, for a smooth processing in your accountancy.

Assistance at your fingertips.

The practical app allows you to do anything yourself hassle-free, but that does not mean that you do not get any support. Do you have a question? Dive into the crystal clear FAQ page. Do you still need more expertise? Via the pay helpline, you can immediately talk to an experienced consultant.

Smootly settle your administration.

Besides your contracts, Paymate also simplifies the rest of your payroll administration. Within seconds, you can download your (turnover) reports or a social balance sheet and have them at your fingertips. Expenses, overtime and supplements are also settled in no time.