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to enroll your temporary workers entirely by yourself.

Paymate is the ideal payroll tool to register temporary employees.
No hassle, no waste of time. You can get to work immediately.

What is Paymate?

Paymate is a pioneer in online payrolling. This digital payroll helps you to remain flexible. Do you need an extra temporary employee? At Paymate, you simply and digitally request your contract, at any time of the day. This means you are not tied to an intermediary or the opening hours of an HR office.

Get an insight into your payroll costs

Together we look at your personal situation, so you receive a tailor-made offer. Discover which factors we take into account when calculating your payroll.

Why Paymate?

Competitive price

With Paymate, you pay a competitive rate per subscription. No subscription nor hidden costs.

Free demo

Plan your free optional demo session. Ask your HR questions and learn how to save on personnel costs.

Personal offer

Get your offer on the best terms. We look at your situation and provide the most optimal offer.

What clients say about Paymate

I find it a clear and easy application.

Dirk (47), business manager
Vi-tes bicycle couriers

Paymate, simple, well-organized, and clear. Even without much computer knowledge, easy to use.

Sophie (36), Business manager
Boucherie Chez Marguerite

Hiring a waiter today? That is possible, because sometimes things have to happen very quickly.

Lee (27), hotel and catering manager
Café Statie

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